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Company Background

Our Values

Meaningfulness, solidarity, efficiency, harmony with nature.

Our Experience

More than 23 years of
experience in Pharmaceutical industry, Electrical engineering, Security and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), throughout all possible areas

Customized offer

When you find SMISAO your quest for solution is successfully accomplished. You realize that you have found what you are looking for. Whatever your business need, we can fulfill it

Smisao = smisao 1+ smisao 2

The struggle between light and darkness.
Unexpected companions on the journey.
Tradition and immutable values.
Expected companions and friends.

Story behind all...

In today’s business world the phrase CHANGE IS CONSTANT is very often used. Many begin to use it as a slogan, and organize an endless series of trainings, so the conclusion is often made that CHANGE is an invention of our time only.

The business world, as the rest of world likewise, was halted at one point due to the action of an extremely small living creature, called a VIRUS. It caused a huge CHANGE. In that confrontation, the whole world was amazed, as if it had happened for the first time ever. However, these diminutive organisms have scripted substantial tragedies and orchestrated revisions to the world’s fabric throughout history. They continue to trigger change. Yes, that has been and will remain in their essence.

Man, on the other hand, tried to understand the meaning of the world around him, connecting with other people in the process in order to do so. And he did this through a THOUGHT process, discovering that change is both necessary and constant, but also that there are things that never change.

Well, the point of organizing companies such as S(MISAO) is that through connecting with individuals and organizations, We search together for what is constant in the business world, and on that we build the value of business decisions adapting them flexible to the demands of changes that our time brings.

Together we create and upgrade values.

Our Vision

To meaningfully connect what is basic and immutable and what is to come and create sustainable business results

Our Mission

Is a start-up that aims to help smaller companies to have an efficient presence on the Bosnian-Herzegovinian market in the areas of Pharmaceutical, Electrical engineering, Security and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment).

Unique Selling Points and Competitive Advantage

Customized Solutions

With two different legally registered companies we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each partner, ensuring maximum impact an value.

Experienced People

The team consists of people who have worked from the basement to the roof in their respective fields

Common sense and purpose

As the name suggests, we want to bring back to business the question of purpose, efficiency and common sense in decision-making

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Thank you for considering our proposal.
We believe that our innovative solutions
can help businesses of all kinds achieve

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